Classic Greek Fare

Lunch is served from 11 a.m. to 3pm p.m. Monday through Saturday. Prices below include a 7 percent sales tax.


Falafal is the most popular Sandwich in the world. Ground chick peas and seasonings mixed together and fried, homemade Tahinni with romaine, onion, tomato and wrapped in a grilled pita. Vegan and dairy free. $6.75


Classic: Beef rolled in a grilled pita with tzatziki, romaine, onion and tomato. $6.85

Grilled Chicken: Greek style marinated and roasted dark meat wrapped in a grilled pita with fresh romaine, tomato, dressing and fresh grated Parmesan cheese. $6.99

Roast Lamb: Back by popular demand! Fresh roasted and hand-sliced lamb rolled in a grilled pita with feta, sauce, romaine, tomato and onion. $8.65

Greek Sausage: Grilled sausage rolled in a grilled pita with romaine, tomato and tzatziki sauce. $6.95

Grilled Chicken and Ranch Club: A new twist on and old classic: Grilled chicken breast, bacon, swiss cheese, romaine, tomato and ranch dressing wrapped in a grilled pita. 

Chicken and Veggies: Fresh grilled veggis  and chicken rolled up in a pita with romaine, tomato and tzatziki sauce. $6.95  

Greek Salad Gyro: A Greek salad wrapped in a grilled pita. Inspire by one of our regulars, makes a quick and handy lunch! Vegan w/o feta. $6.75

Veggie and Hummus: Grilled garden-fresh veggies and hummus wrapped in a warm pita with romaine. $6.75


Salads are $4.65 for personal size, $7.25 for large (feeds 2). Add falafel or chicken for $2.

Big Greek Salad: A hand-cut bed of romaine, cucumber, tomato, calamata olives, green pepper pepperoncini, stuffed grape leaves, crumbled feta and our special dressing. Vegan w/o feta.

Big Caesar Salad: Classic salad with romaine, tomato, seasoned croutons, fresh-grated Parmesan and our deluxe Caesar dressing.